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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Removal of Joannes baby dress

I removed Joannes Baby dress Pattrn because it was a COPYRIGHTED pattern. I asked for NO one to sell this dress and I put the pattern up in honor of Joanne who was a very close, dear friend who passed away, but when I got on Ebay this evening and seen a lady from NC selling the finished product it just went all thru me!! Apparently copyright means nothing to people! In honor of my dear friend I removed it and will not put it back up again. You all can thank the lady from NC on Ebay!

I emailed this lady and told her she did not have the right to sell this dress and she told me it was not our pattern she wrote it when she was 16yrs old. yea right. so I asked her to show me her pattern and she said "I am not showing you anything" stop harassing me!! it takes all kinds to make up this world. I was just bringing it to her attn that it is a copyrighted pattern and she has no right to sell things from our patterns and that includes Peggys shell sweater pattern as she sold it back in Jan. lol

sorry she has ruined it for others........