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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Louisas' wrap Dress

G hook & baby yarn will make this newborn. Of course different yarns & hook size will make a difference in size

row 1...hdc in 2nd ch form hook,and in next 6 chns
hdc,ch,hdc in next chain ( v stitch made).
hdc in next 9 ch then v st in next ch
hdc in next 10 ch then v st in next ch
hdc in next 9 ch then v st in next ch
hdc in next 4 ch then 3 hdc in last ch , turn
row 2...2 hdc in chain base, hdc across and v st in each chn 1 sp
row 3...chn 1, hdc in each st across, v st in each ch 1 sp. 2 hdc in last stitch
row 4.....rep 2
row 5...rep 3
row 6....rep 2
row 7....rep 3
row 8....rep 2
row 1 , hdc in each hdc to 1st ch sp , fold the work so that 1st and 2nd ch 1 spaces align, hdc them together, (sleeve made), hdc in each st across back
of dress, fold work to align 3rd and 4th ch 1 sp., join with hdc,( second sleeve made), hdc in each st to end. turn.
row 10...ch1 * hdc in 1st st, work 2 hdc in next st* rep across, turn.
I forgot to add, that you can repeat row 10, 1 or more times to make a REALLY fluffed out puffy skirt.

row 1 hdc in each st across, turn
rows 12-? rep 11 until dress is desired length.
at the end of your last row, end the main color and join the contrast color, sc all around ,working up the dress edges , around neck and down and around
the other side, join to 1st contrast colored sc with a slip st.
finish off, join contrast color to sleeve edges and sc around. finish off and weave in all ends.
to make ties, either chain in desired color long enough to wrap around dress waist and tie a bow on the side, or, cut a lenght of ribbon the same length, then
weave it through row 10, begining at cross over edge , around the back, and ending under the opposite arm , tie in a bow to secure.

Pattern Created by: Louisa Capell 2011
This Pattern is created for "Gods Tiny Angels" and is to be used for Charity ONLY. No selling of finished objects on EBAY!!
Copyright Louisa Capell

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  1. Thank you for this pattern. I will use it for our local hospital donations for those in need.